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Valplast is one of the most comfortable, cosmetic and affordable methods of tooth replacements in todays partial market.  Millions of people have enjoyed the many benefits that Valplast provide, including a beautiful appearance and a new found confidence.


We offer Valplast Flexible Partials because they satisfy the patient's demand for excellent aesthetics with minimal cost and shortened procedures.  The flexible, yet strong, nature of Valplast is perfectly suited to a variety of natural conditions in the mouth using simple designs and enabling the Valplast resin to act as a built-in stress breaker to provide optimal function and balanced stress distribution in a removable partial denture.



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Flexible Partial
Hygiene and better esthetics, two very important factors when considering a flexible partial. Let DuraFlex ease your mind.


DuraFlex flexible partials are a great choice when considering a flexible partial.  The advanced thermoplastic is clinically unbreakable, yet easy to adjust.  Thin, translucent, and virtually stain & odor resistant; DuraFlex is the top choice for flexible partials.


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Flexible Partial
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